IRG Founders

Dr David Lewis-Hodgson, BSc(Hons) DPhil, FISMA. FINSTD. FRSM, C. Psychol. is a Director of Research at Mindlab International, a best selling author, broadcaster and lecturer. David started out studying medicine but later switched to psychology, obtaining his doctorate from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex. He has a special interest in the neuroscience of everyday behaviour.

Dr Elizabeth Jones BSc(Hons), PhD is a research scientist and writer who gained her doctorate in behavioral pharmacology from the University of Liverpool. There she conducted original research into the neurological regulation of salience attribution and the hedonic response, with reference to the roles of the hypothalamic nuclei in appetite and food intake. Her work has contributed to our understanding of the factors that motivate us to eat certain foods.

Dr Margaret Yufera-Leitch, BSc(Hons), PhD, is a research-oriented cognitive neuroscientist whose primary interest is the role impulsivity plays in overeating. She has a thorough understanding of the biopsychological components of eating motivation, and most especially the neuroscientific aspects of impulsivity, pleasure, and addictive behaviours. The recipient of a British Biotechnological and Science Research Council fellowship.

Dr John L. Storey MB BS BDS (Lond) MRCS LRCP LDSRCS (Eng) has worked in the field of behavioural medicine for over thirty-years. During the 1980’s, he worked with Dr Malcolm Carruthers, the medical biochemist at the Maudsley Hospital, on the influence of emotions in producing physical disease and later with Dr P. Sainsbury director of the MRC unit at Graylingwell Hospital on the influence of muscle tension in anxiety disorders.

Daniel Jones is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner & author,  who has spent twenty years in stressful and sometimes dangerous environments. He has worked extensively with children and young adults that exhibit severely challenging, impulsive and sometimes aggressive behaviour. Daniel has written ten books and created over 400 self-help mp3 & video downloads & training products.